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Complete refurbishment & Electrical Rewiring at Montagu Mansions, London, W1U

Z-Electrician carried out a full rewiring to the domestic property. A 2-bedroom, kitchen and single bathroom property was turned into a 3-bedroom; with an open plan kitchen/living room, bathroom and an en-suite. It is the only 3-bed property in a Grade II listed building. We installed a numerous of systems:

  • Mood Lighting

  • Scene Lighting

  • Lutron System

  • Data & Extraterrestrial (Multiple Antenna & Telephone locations)

  • Control 4 (Surround sound System)

  • Recessed and plastered over down lights

  • LED Strips – 6 watts to 14 watts per metre with suitable aluminium profiling & diffuser

  • Chandeliers

  • Wall mounted TV's

  • Bang & Olufsen wall mounted and ceiling ressesed

  • Nest Smoke/ Co2 /heat alarms and Room stat

  • Security Alarm

  • Visual & Audio Intercom System

  • USB-Power Sockets

  • 5-Amp sockets for stand alone lamps and bedside lamps

We worked together with the carpenters to produce a bespoke wardrobe with automated lighting that was requested by the client and interior designer. All the furniture was pre-built before arriving on the property.

"We had to work with the restricted space that was available to construct the electrical cupboard that is shown in the images above."

#Homes #Refurbishment

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