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Complete Electrical Refurbishment, Mount Pleasant, Middlesex, HA0 1TX

Z-Electricians was involved in a complete refurbishment of an office building converted into flats. We supplied the builders with temporary lightening and power as well as re-wiring the property once it was converted. The property was turned into 8 flats, consisting of 17 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and 8 living spaces with kitchens.

In total we fitted over 500 LED down lights, over 300 sockets, LED emergency lighting and passive infra red sensors, extractor fans, and led strip lights.

Each individual flat was fitted with:

  • New mains cable

  • New BT lines (in multiple locations per property)

  • New cable TV (in multiple locations per property)

  • Data & Extra terrestrial (in multiple locations per property)

  • New intercoms

  • New mechanical ducktin and extractors

  • Smoke and heat alarms

  • Power Sockets

Our craftsmanship of electrical meter cupboard is very carefully planned taking to consideration with load required, capacity to delivered, required space for both meters and isolators required, protective conductors and lastly labelling.

Z-Electricians are specialised in designing electrical meter cupboards. Many factors have to be taken into consideration, such as load required per property; incoming capacity delivered to the building; the space that is required for both meters; the isolators required; protective conductors and lastly identification labelling.

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