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We cover all of London and the
surrounding areas around the M25. If you are not sure call us.

24/7 - 365 DAYS

We offer a full year round non-stop emergency call out service. 


We cover all electrical testing & inspecting. We offer a quick and competitive service.


How do we do it?
Whether you are a landlord seeking to minimise any disruption to the tenants, or you’re a homeowner wanting to continue living there while the work is carried out, we can help you. We provide transparent billing at economical rates and work that's backed up by a guarantee. The first step we take is to discuss your needs and timescale. 

Will we need to leave our home?
Rewiring your property is the largest kind of electrical project you can undertake within a domestic premises. Having said that, lots of our clients remain at home while we work.  Because we specialise in domestic rewires we have the process down to a fine art.  If you choose to stay at home while we work we’ll ensure you have power kept on for essential lighting and services.  We’ll also ensure the property is safe and that floor boards are refitted and your home is kept tidy while we work.

How long does the process take?
When we visit you to provide a quotation we’ll also provide you with a timescale of works.  Every home is different and presents unique challenges. On average we can complete 90% of domestic rewires within 10 working days including making good.


How much does a rewire cost?
There is no definitive answer to this question. All properties are different and there is no “one size fits all” approach to cost. Depending on what you specify to be installed will determine the cost. Theres a huge amount of options to choose from now in what you want your electrical system to do. Basic lights and sockets? Multiple Aerial and CAT6 data LAN networks? Perhaps Home Automation? A basic system in a small property might cost £3k and a more advanced system in a medium sized house could be £6-10k. Larger properties can be more. We’ll talk you through this process and depending on request we can provide advice on system layout before you commit to anything.

Do you sub contract the job to someone else?
Z-Electricians Services is a stand alone company with our own highly trained electricians. We have high expectations of our electricians and would not dilute this winning team with out sourced tradesmen.

Is there a warranty?
Yes. We provide a 24 month warranty on all labour and parts provided by us. We are confident in our work and use quality parts and skilled workers to install them.

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