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The dangers of hiring inexperienced Electricians

Due to Untrained and inexperienced we got a call to inspect a power cut to a property due to they're electrician was unreachable, arriving on the call we were briefed from the people there that they had heard a loud "BANG" and the power cut out, while carrying out a visual inspection we noticed what had caused the power cut, finding out how dangerous the situation was we had to immediately take actions to rectify and minimise the risk to anyone being electrocuted on site.

An emergency call into a domestic property the tenant had called the landlord due to theyre hot water was not working.

Arriving to the property and carried out visual inspection due to no faults could not be seen, We started to investigate only to find what you see below an over loaded product used for the wrong purpose.

Where to start and where to end on this on the images below, the work in the meter cupboard had been patched up over and over, getting tighter and tighter with live and dead cables, the issue had been building every time electrical work had been done on it.

Cut and exposed live cables some deteriorated, the surprised we got was a burnt mouse.

We had to identify the hazards then notify people on premises to a short time period for the power outage.

The cause of not having knowledge of building regulations can cost you more then your trying to save by employing inexperienced personnel. Having to install a simple telephone cable the client had called the local handyman to cut costs untill finding out later that cirtain area of the property had no power and could not just flip the switch to turn it back on.

Rectifing the issue by opening part of the wall to re-join and reinsulate the damaged cables

Anyone can change a fuse, but what happens when you cant find a fuse the person installing such a thing had no idea what he had coming when the hoover had enough then had its way with the current it was given.

Whats wrong with this picture? To the trained eye there are 4 faults seen on.

Three which are very serious. Could you spot what they are?

Refurbishment carried out to a property over a decade later only to find inside a suspended ceiling a joint to a Mains cable coming into the the flat then run as single cores with very little mechanical protection all the way to the Consumer unit distanced over 9 meters away.

In the below image we can identify four incorrect codes of practice. 1, Incorrect back box unfit for purpose. 2, Unearthed metalic back box. 3, Grommits not fitted to back box. 4, incorrectly fitted load and supply indicting the switch was permanatly on.

Issue rectified and client was happy that the shower switche was not staying on and wobbly.

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