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Complete refurbishment & Electrical Rewiring at Lisson Street, London, NW1

Z-Electrician carried out a full rewiring to the commercial property. The objective was to transform the property and make it adaptable so that it could be used as either an office space or a 3 bedroom flat, without the need of any additional wiring.

We installed a numerous of different systems:

  • Mood Lighting

  • Scene Lighting

  • Wise Control Unit (4 Circuit per unit)

  • Data & Extraterrestrial (Multiple Antenna & Telephone locations)

  • Control 4 automation system (controlling lighting, and surround sound)

  • Surround Sound System

  • Recessed and plastered over down lights

  • LED Strips (6 watts to 28.8 watts per meter)

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Fire Alarm

  • Security Alarm

  • Visual & Audio Intercom System

  • Electric Boiler

  • Air Conditioning

  • Power Sockets, telephone sockets to suit office / Domestic use

We work together with the dry-liners and plasters to assure that the plastering and painting over the light fittings is achieved to the highest quality.

As a result of our experience, we can visualise and foresee what the outcome will be and thus work accordingly.

#Offices #Refurbishment

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